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Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday by Bringing Paw Patrol Cupcakes Topper Posted on 14 Feb 00:17 , 0 comments

Cakes hit the top priority list of any celebration or occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, business inaugurations or Valentine’s Day celebration with your beau all seem to fade away without a perfect cake to suit the theme. Cakes generally form the major attraction at any event.

One such special occasion when the cake cannot be missed at all is your kiddo’s birthday. Else you will not only have to bear the tantrum but also would miss the opportunity to make your darling’s birthday a memorable moment.

Edible Prints on the cake are providing with a printed cake topper that would match any theme or occasion. It has a large collection of birthday-themed printed cake topper ranging from cute cartoons to fancy characters.

One such beautifully printed topper that is popular amongst the kids is the paw patrol cupcake toppers.

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday by Bringing Paw Patrol Cupcakes Topper

What is Paw patrol?

Paw patrol is a Canadian CGI-animated television series based on puppies who will be involved in some rescue based operation or heroic missions. Most of the characters in the animated series are sold as merchandise, and some companies are selling edible printed images of these characters which can be used as cake toppers.

Kids and even teenagers are fond of this animated series. The characters especially the adventurous cute puppies look simply adorable and super cute and hence very popular among children.

Why should one order paw patrol cupcakes from edible prints on the cake?

  • It is ideal to bring home a paw patrol themed cupcake topper from Edible Prints On Cake since most of us are dog lovers and further the kids are very fond of these characters. The topper looks irresistible and serves as eye candy for the event. When you decorate frosted cupcakes with this topper and put it on a table placed at the centre of the room, it will enhance the theme of the birthday moment.
  • The paw patrol topper and every printed topper manufactured by edible prints on the cake are free from Kosher and any other allergen and are approved by the FDA.
  • The images are printed using edible ink on a frosting sheet rather than a rice paper. The edible ink is also approved by the FDA.
  • It is quite easy to place the topper on the cake. All you need is a freshly frosted cake, and you have to peel off the back portion of the printed sheet and lay it properly on the cake. The moisture will absorb the printed image, and your cake will look stunning. Instructions regarding how to place the printed image on the frosted cake are available with every single order
  • The frosting sheet comes with a shelf life of 12 months, but the condition lies that it is stored in a sealed bag at room temperature avoiding direct light.
  • The paw patrol cupcake topper and every topper (EPOC) offer come with an option of personalization. You have to email us the custom message you want to get printed on the topper.


Paw patrol cupcake topper from Edible Prints on Cake will make any occasion especially the birthday of your child a memorable event. When you have these cupcakes, you even do not need to focus more on decorating the room as the cupcakes will be a major attraction. One will not be surprised to see the twinkle in the eyes of the little devils gazing at the cupcakes and how much eager the little ones are to munch the cupcakes.

Best Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers Themes Posted on 5 Feb 04:41 , 0 comments

Cakes are the centre of attraction for every occasion. The idea of custom edible cupcake toppers fascinates many. Having a selfie of oneself printed on the cake and eating it sounds enthralling to almost everyone. Cakes are loved by almost all age groups and are perfect delicacies that anyone would want to munch.

At Edible Prints on the cake, we have custom edible cupcake toppers, custom edible images for cakes to match any occasion and theme. They are Kosher and allergen free and approved by FDA. All cake toppers are visually appealing and taste delectable. No matter what age group you would want to cater to or which occasion would you like to serve, we are always ready to surprise you with our unmatchable cake toppers.

Interesting little facts about edible images:                                       

These cake toppers are printed on a frosting sheet using edible printers especially designed for crafting the cake toppers. Further, the ink used for printing is also absolutely edible.

Events when you can use custom edible cupcake toppers and custom edible images for cakes?

Birthday parties:

 One of the most celebrated occasions, when you can use edible images on cakes, are the birthday parties. Birthdays for different age groups come with different preferences. When it is the birthday of your kiddo, you can gift him a cake with the printed image of his favourite cartoon character. When it is a birthday of your little angel, you can gift her fairy cake themed cake and see the delight on the face of the little ones.


Gift a cake with a topper of a printed image of your beau’s and yourself on your anniversary to see the love in his eyes for you and make the moment a little more romantic and cozy coupled with a candlelight dinner.

If it’s your wedding anniversary, then gift your spouse a cake with an image of your first wedding day and make the moment livelier with guests around complimenting on your theme. Further, the cake forms the centre of attraction, and you will be surprised by praises you will receive from your guests for your choice.

Bachelor party:

When you’re a best friend is going to be hitched and is happily throwing a bachelor party.  What would suit the theme well than gifting him a cake with the printed cake topper of his favourite Hollywood bombshell? With all the boozing and music tracks on, this cake will form the centre of attraction.

Graduation day:

When you have finally graduated and want to make it a gala event with your beloved friends, what would be ideal than getting a printed topper with a collage of your graduation day? You can send us the group photo with a personalised message, and we will provide you with the edible printed cake topper with the same image that you have suggested. The cake will bring back the memories of college days, and many would burst into tears of joy. With all the soft melodies of college songs flowing in the air combined with the cake and other delicacies will make your graduation day unforgettable.


We at edible prints on the cake are waiting to make you every moment special. We have custom cakes to suit all of your themes. They are not only edible but also tastes delectable. Further, placing the topper on the freshly baked or frosted cake is also easy. All you have to do is peel off the back side of your cake and place it on the cake. So now when you know the benefits of ordering the custom printed cakes to match your theme, Order now and make every moment special!

Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper- Tips for Making Your Kid’s Birthday Special: Posted on 31 Jan 01:51 , 0 comments

Is it your little one’s birthday and you and your little ones are highly delighted to make it a gala event.  Then gift your kiddo a Shopkins birthday cake topper.

There are lots of stuff needed to make a birthday celebration special like cakes, balloons, decorations and delicious food. The Cake is the centre of attraction in a birthday celebration which cannot be compromised with although a little adjustment with decoration aspect is fine.

One can think of a lot of topper for a birthday cake but nothing could match the Shopkins birthday cake topper theme.  Your kiddo is going to have a never-ending smile on his face after seeing the cake.

shopkins birthday cake topper

Shopkins birthday topper cake has a blast of colors on it. Shopkins are a collection of tiny little toys that are sold worldwide. They are so popular that you can often find them printed on birthday cakes as a topper.

We at edible Prints on Cake, provide a wide variety of cakes. But among them, Shopkins Cupcake topper is the favorite among customers and the most selling product.  

What makes Shopkins Birthday cake Topper an ideal choice for your Kiddos?

  • Makes the occasion festive:

Shopkin’s birthday cake topper makes the occasion of your little ones memorable since it is filled with vibrant sparkling colors which the kids find very amusing and eye catchy. The print of tiny toys attracts to darkness. Furthermore, they have the print of toys which are favorites among many kids.

  • Delectable to taste:

There is no doubt that cakes are favorites among all age groups.  But for kids, they become simply irresistible. No wonder kids will be eagerly waiting for the moment of cake cutting ceremony so that they could simply munch the cake pieces. The cake is simply delicious to taste and irresistible to look. This cake is going to tickle the taste buds of almost everyone. The cake not only looks good but tastes delectable.

  • Safe to eat:

It is very vital to ensure the quality of the cake before we eat it. Shopkins birthday cake topper comes with a guarantee of being 100% allergen free and its FDA approved.  Hence they are not only good to look at and taste but also assures you that it’s absolutely edible and not prone to any allergic reactions.

  • Eye candy:

The cake is eye candy in itself. It keeps the guests glued to it. Filled with vibrant colors and rich texture this Shopkins birthday cake topper will definitely become the centre of attraction. Nothing can beat the specialty of this cake. This is the best way to delight your kiddos and make their birthday a memorable moment.


Almost all of the cakes that Edible prints on cake offers are irresistible to taste and absolutely edible but among them, Shopkin’s Birthday Cake Topper is our finest delicacy. So whether your kid is a girl or a boy there is no other cake that would fit their level of excitement and this will be the perfect treat for your child on his or her birthday.

What Do You Know About Edible Images For Cakes? Posted on 23 Jan 00:49 , 0 comments

People love to see their names or pictures with a personalized message on the cake. This is one of the unique ways to express your love and bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. It is impossible to imagine a celebration without a cake. Printing edible images on the cakes have become very popular among the people. The event like weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, business inaugurations is celebrated with a designer cake.

The increasing use of technology has made it possible to create stunning images with ease. The edible images on the cake make an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one.   

Edible images for cakes-Edible Prints on Cake

Facts to Know About Edible Images

There are many themes and photographs which can be used according to the mood of the event. The edible images include the pictures of celebrities, cartoon character, photos of your loved one etc. The edible images are printed on the frosting sheets which can be pasted on the cake, cupcake or cookies to take the celebration on the next level.

The edible pictures are printed on special printers which are specially made for printing images on the cake. They make sure that the cake looks extraordinary as well as it leaves a good impression on the guest. The photos are edible because they are printed on the icing sheets which are approved by FDA. They are safe for consumption as they pass through standard food safety requirements. They are free from allergens and other harmful bacteria. They are additionally printed on white sheets which make the cake look beautiful and yummy at the end.

Occasions to Use Edible Images for Cakes

  • Marriage Anniversary

    It is a moment which needs to be cherished especially by the couples. A beautiful cake in the centre of the table is eye catchy as well as it leaves a good impression on the guest. An edible image on cake allows you to add a personalized message with pictures on the top of the cake.
  • Birthday Party 

    Edible images for cakes make the cake look yummy and beautiful. A beautiful birthday cake tells a lot about your emotion. Express your love to your kids this birthday and make their birthday special. From the cartoon characters to the superheroes every character can be designed on the top of the cake to make it extraordinary.
  • Business Inaugurations

    A cake at the business inauguration is the best idea to grab the attention of the guest as well as the clients. Decorate the cake with amazing toppings and make the event special.

These beautiful cakes will fascinate everyone at the party. Make the occasion special with yummy toppings on the cake. The toppings on the top of the cake turn an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one.

Try Different Birthday Cake Topper for your Kids Birthday Posted on 18 Jan 04:40 , 0 comments

A cake marks the celebration of the special day. When it comes to celebrating your kid’s birthday, you need to be creative and different from the crowd. Kids are fascinated by colorful and beautiful cakes. The mixed flavors and different textures of the cake make it the first choice of kids on their birthday.

With the passing time and technology, there are unlimited options for cake decoration. Nowadays cake can be easily decorated with a topper.

Birthday Cake Topper

Unique Designs For Your Kid’s Birthday

While preparing to craft your imagination on the cake, you can have the choice of your kid and go ahead according to their choice. The cake made with the icing on the top of the cake makes the cake more appealing and beautiful.

The cake toppers have evolved with time. There are many genres for birthday cake topper which makes your cake different as well as the centre of attraction at the party.  From the cartoon character, superheroes, action heroes of Hollywood to the fairies from dreamland. The cakes are ready to take your kids to the land of dreams.

The unique and personalized birthday cake topper brings a different look to the party with a unique effect. This is the right time to change the traditional look of the cakes and express your unconditional love for your kids. We at edible prints cake deal with different cake designs made with different flavors and textures. We create delectable and mouthwatering cakes according to your choice. Cartoon characters are the best theme for the birthday party.      

Why Select Cake Topper for your Kids Birthday

  • Add emotional touch to your cake

The selection of the cake topper gives you the chance to express your concern for your kids. The cake decorated with different characters on the top of the cake will make you feel special. It is the perfect match for your kids on their birthday.

  • Healthy and Fit For Consumption

The birthday cake topper is made with the 100% edible flour and inks. FDA approves the inks used for making cake toppings. The professional cake artist works in a clean and healthy environment.

The birthday celebration is one of the memorable events for kids as well as family members. Give your kids a big element of surprise and make your birthday party a grand affair with the personalized cake topper. The cartoon characters, action heroes, fairies from dreamland on the top of the cake will take your kids to the world of dreams and make them feel special on their birthday.

Celebrate Your Friends Birthday with Minecraft Cupcake Toppers Posted on 4 Jan 09:09 , 0 comments

Cupcakes are the best surprise gift for any occasion. Either it is your kid’s birthday or Christmas celebration the cupcake adds charm to any occasion. A cake for everyone is a special treat for the guest at the party. The sparkling designs and textures of cupcakes bind the attention of guest at the party. They are decorated according to the mood of the occasion. The flavors and textures make it the first choice, especially among the kids.

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers

Arrange a Surprise Birthday Party with Cupcakes

The Minecraft cupcake toppers make the birthday celebration a grand affair. The cupcakes designed are beautiful, attractive and eye catchy. With the addition of the cupcake toppers at the birthday party, it adds charm and zeal to the birthday celebration. The cupcakes are amazingly cute and adorable. It looks even more amazing when you add a personalization to the cake. They easily draw the attention of the guest at the party.

Why Select Cupcake Toppers for the Birthday Party?

  • Add fun to the occasion

Everyone loves the cupcakes as they come with amazing designs and textures. There are many kinds of cakes available online for every occasion. Make your party a grand affair with the cupcake toppers available in different themes and flavors. Just add your fun and creativity to the cupcake to make it look unique and beautiful.

  • The cutest cake

You don’t have to work hard to draw the attention of the kids at the party. Just include cupcakes and see the magic. They are an absolute favorite of the kids who love tiny cakes with amazing designs, textures and flavors. The cakes baked in the particular frame looks cool at the party.

  • The best taste

Cupcakes are yummy to taste. The edible prints on Minecraft cupcake toppers will suit your taste buds. The different flavors and textures are created on the cake to make a lasting impression before the guest.

  • Edible and safe for consumption

The cupcakes with edible images are safe for consumption. The team works in the hygienic environment to maintain the highest standards of quality. The inks used to make the edible images on the cupcake toppers are approved by FDA which is free from allergens and is fit for consumption.

Get your cupcakes toppers to make your friend’s birthday special. The cupcake toppers are the best option for any occasions. Express your feelings to your friends and family with personalized cupcake toppers.

Surprise Your Kids with Paw Patrol Cake Topper Posted on 20 Dec 01:15 , 0 comments

Cake toppers are the best options for birthday celebrations because these toppers make the cake look more beautiful, attractive and eye catchy. Cakes are not only attractive to the eyes but also yummy in taste.

A cake is the centre of attraction in the birthday parties, especially among the kids. Cake with special designs and textures with toppers makes the occasion special. Paw patrol cupcakes bring a lot of charm and zeal to the birthday celebration. A birthday celebration is incomplete without paw patrol cake topper. Having a birthday cake design which looks different from the rest and has a delectable taste makes the occasion special.

paw patrol cake topper

Why Select Paw Patrol Cupcake Toppers?

  • Popular Among Kids

It is very popular among the kid's little ones get truly excited with the designs and textures of the cake. Birthday cupcake toppers are an ultimate treat and an element of surprise for everyone.

  • Unique Design

Printable Paw patrol cupcake toppers are unique ideas to make the occasion special. This is a particular topper which leaves a good impression on the guest. Kids love to cheer for the beauty of the cake. There are many paw patrol birthday cupcake ideas which are used to decorate the cake.

  • Available in Budget

If looking for a cake at an affordable price then Paw patrol cake toppers are the best deal for you. The design, textures and flavor will make your kids fall in love with the cupcake toppers.

  • Professional Assistance

Professionals with years of experience can help you in this regard. The years of expertise will help you make the occasion special and memorable for the kids. They can prepare the finest cakes with elegant designs with perfect texture and décor.

  • Attractive Variety

There is a lot of option available in paw patrol cakes. If looking for the best a numerous of variety are available under one roof in a limited budget. From the superheroes to Barbie dolls any character can be designed on the top of the cake.             

Depending on the occasion there is a wide variety to choose among the best. It is very easy to craft your imagination on the top of the cake. An ordinary looking cake becomes extraordinary with the addition of the topper.

Get ready to surprise your kids with the cupcake topper on their birthday.

How to Make Your Party Special with Birthday Cake Topper? Posted on 13 Dec 00:59 , 0 comments

Cakes are a part of celebration be it a birthday or anniversary. These occasions are incomplete without the presence of cakes. The variation in the design of the cakes varies according to the event.

Cakes made with different flavor and textures makes the occasion memorable. Kids are fascinated by the design flavor and textures. To make the occasion unique happy birthday cake topper is printable on the top of the cake.

Make Your Party Special with Birthday Cake Topper

Add a Fun to the Occasion with Cake Toppers  

There are many options in the market to decorate a cake, but the addition of topper on the cake makes the cake look extraordinary. A cake made with the topper has become a trend in the present scenario. A unique birthday cake toppers add a charm to the occasion.

Why Select Birthday Cake Topper for Occasion

There are many reasons why birthday cake toppers are the first choice of the people who want to make their occasion memorable.     

(1.)    Add Personal Touch to the Cake

The cake made with the edible photos gives a personal touch to the celebration. The cake designed tells a lot about your feelings as well as it is appreciated by guest at the party. A message with fun birthday cake toppers for adults makes the occasion special either it’s a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

(2.)    Saves your Money

An event requires a lot of preparation to make it memorable. A cake made with the edible images can easily be purchased at our online store. We are here to make your celebration special for a reasonable budget. The printed images take less time.  Get your favorite toppings on the cake according to the occasion.

(3.)    Easy to Use

Applying the topper on the cake is effortless. Either it is your kids birthday, or it is weeding the edible photos are easy to apply on the cake without taking much time. Enjoying mouth-watering birthday cake with toppings is fun.

(4.)    Edible and Safe for Consumption

Cakes made with edible images are safe for consumption. Our team works in a hygienic environment to maintain the quality. The materials used in the edible images are approved by FDA which is free from allergens and fit for consumption.

A delicious cake at the party catches the attention of the guest. With the addition of the edible images, it makes an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one as well give you a lot of sweet memories to cherish forever.

Make Your Occasion Special with Edible Cake Images Posted on 7 Dec 07:32 , 0 comments

Cakes are the centre of attraction in social events like weddings, birthday parties, or anniversaries. These days cakes are created with unique designs and attractive decorations. The flavour, textures and design make the cake look more beautiful and unique.

There are many options in the market to decorate the cake but adding a topper on the cake has become a trend in the present scenario. The cake with edible photos is dedicated for loved ones.

Make Your Occasion Special with Edible Cake Images


Why select Edible images for Cakes?


A party is always incomplete without a cake. Edible cake images are trending in the market due to the flexibility of design and texture. A perfect and proper choice of the cake helps to make the occasion memorable.       

  • Personalize your cake: - The topper on the cake shares your feelings for your loved ones. Either it’s a family photo or a photo with your soul mate. Anything can be designed on the cake that makes you feel special.
  • Saves your money: - While planning an occasion, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done. The cake with edible images can be easily purchased at our online store. The edible cake images take less time to apply on the top of the cake. Choose the toppings for the cake according to the occasion.
  • Edible and safe for consumption: - The edible cake images are safe and best for consumption. Our team works in a healthy and clean environment to design the best cake for the occasion. FDA approves the materials and inks used in the cake. It is for consumption as ink is free from allergens.
  • Lots of option to choose from: - A Birthday cake with cartoon character is the first choice of kids. Kids are often attracted to the design and textures that is engraved on the cake. The trend of edible images for cakes has changed the way of celebrating the occasion. A big smile on the kid's face creates a magical moment on the occasion.
A beautiful cake with edible images catches the attention of the guest at the party. The addition of the edible cake images on the top of the cake turns an ordinary cake into an extraordinary one as well as it gives you a memory to cherish forever. Express your feelings to your loved ones with edible cake prints.

Make Your Birthday Special with Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 27 Nov 04:52 , 0 comments

Cakes are the ultimate attractions in a birthday party. The icing, flavor, and texture of cake make it look beautiful as well as delicious. Apart from all the ingredients adding a topper on the cake has become a trend in the present scenario.

Edible cake prints are very common in social events like birthday anniversary, weddings, etc. Having a cake at the party with edible prints add a charm to the occasion

The Delectable Cake Designs

The birthday cake topper is prepared on the frosting sheets due to which it looks charming when applied on the cake. From kids to the older people everyone loves to have a cake made with the edible images. There are numerous options available to explore the edible images for the cake which will create a distinct impression on the guest. 

Make Your Birthday Special with Birthday Cake Topper

Reasons to consider the cake with edible images as the best option for the parties:-

  • Give a personal touch to the cake: - Cake made with edible images allows you to give a personal touch as they are made for your loved ones. A cake dedicated to your loved one is the touching moment for them. A surprise birthday cake with a picture that holds an unforgettable moment in their life will make the moment special.
  • Easy to Use: - Having cakes with edible images is fun to have on your birthday. The personalized birthday cake topper can easily be applied to the cake. Even the children love to have edible cake images on their birthday. Just peel and use them on the ordinary cake to make them extraordinary.
  • Affordable: - The fancy images on the cake are not going to affect your budget. People who are looking to surprise their kids on their birthday the edible cake images are the best options for them. People can have unlimited fun in a limited budget and make the occasion special.
Making cakes with the edible images are truly fun, and your kids will love to have it on their birthday. The beautifully decorated cake catches the attention of the guest at the party. There are numerous options available which can be crafted on the cake to make it look gorgeous and yummy. So turn your ordinary looking cake to the extraordinary one and have a blast at the birthday party.


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