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Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers – The Modern and Contemporary Choice for Birthday Parties Posted on 13 Feb 10:00 , 0 comments

Are you about to host a big birthday bash? The first thought that strikes is that of the cake. An impressive cake is all that you probably would like to have. Of course cake is something which has been an eternal part of the every happy and auspicious occasion. But, this time, instead of cake, you can have something as cool and delicious as that of the cake. And when we say something as tasty, the only thing that could ever be is the cupcake. Moreover, if you want to give it the touch of your personal contribution, custom edible cupcake toppers are the best thing to opt for.

Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers – The Modern and Contemporary Choice for Birthday Parties

Toppers upgrade the look of the cake and make it a vision worth drooling over. Though there is amazing variety available, however if you are still hoping to have something distinctive, then custom edible cupcake toppers are the right pick for you.

A unique addition –

With custom edible cupcake toppers, the factor of exclusivity is pretty much guaranteed. With myriad of toppers, choosing one might just give you a mundane design of topper sans a shred of novelty. Nonetheless, if you go for the personalized cupcake toppers, be certain to have a never seen before kinds.

A guaranteed heavenly taste –

The taste aspect matters the most and having cupcakes assures you just that. With the addition of custom edible cupcake toppers, you can treat your guests the best desert ever. The perfect combination of yummy taste and attractive appearance of toppers makes for a good enough reason to have it.

A central attraction -

Cupcake toppers are certainly the finest ideas to incorporate for it can catch the eyes of all and exude an incredible alluring vibe to the guests present. In short, cupcakes can turn out to be central attraction and you really can relax thinking you have a desert on the table which can only help in making your birthday party a blockbuster amongst your guests.

They are fun and cute –

As far as cupcakes are concerned, they are pleasing to the eye and a person of varied age can take an instant liking to it. They have that individualistic feature which could bring out a kid even in an adult. Considering cupcakes are massively popular among the kids, a lot of people deem it as the kids desert, nevertheless that’s not entirely true, even the grownups are fond of it and they can also relish it as much as the little ones.

Budget-friendly -

If you want to put your budget in check, then cupcakes are truly your pick. They can fit into all kinds of budget and does not let you worry about the price issue. Placing an order for the bulk can even get you a pretty good deal.

Creative enhancement –

Cupcakes depict a creative design which can be the most talked about thing of the party. It feels great when the guests appreciate the effort and desert is something which we all look forward to in a party and that is precisely as to why you should decide on the custom edible cupcake toppers.

So what are you waiting for? Get set to bring in custom edible cupcake toppers and celebrate the occasion grand. Having a desert that denotes your thought and idea can be extremely gratifying.

Personalized Birthday Cake Topper – The Brightest Trend Posted on 6 Feb 15:30 , 0 comments

With personalized birthday cake topper in the vogue, a lot of people can be seen putting their bet on a customized way. Birthdays are a special affair and it’s too much of a personal occasion, which calls for a cake that can exude a familiar vibe.

Personalized Birthday Cake Topper – The Brightest Trend


Personalized birthday cake topper can uplift the feeling of joy of the birthday boy/girl. Thus, if you are on your way to plan a birthday party for your dear one, adding a personalized cake can certainly take the charisma of the celebration several notches up.

With the flurry of cake decorations in the anvil, personalized birthday cake topper has been ruling the bakers’ world magnanimously. The fact that a personalized cake could make someone feel special can no way be a tiny reason to opt for this. If you are still in two minds over your choice, here’s a low down of the aspects which may just help you take your pick. Read on!

Stand-out decoration –

Gone are the days, when people used to be content with having a birthday cake with a simple design. In today’s time and age, people look for that additional spark and that can only happen with a personalized cake decoration. Undoubtedly cake toppers beautify the cake and enhance its aura, thus a choice of cake topper has to be just perfect. Surely, there are a myriad of options available in the market, however they may fail to infuse that familial vibe which you are keen to get for your loved one. With personalized cake topper, a stand-out decoration is effortlessly assured.

The picture of your vision –

Witnessing the culmination of thoughts in your cake design can surely get you a tremendous gratification and seeing the effort by you would surely impress the birthday boy/girl.

The value of uniqueness –

When it comes to the mass-produced cake toppers, they cannot offer you that distinctive feel, which the personalized ones can successfully accomplish. As for achieving that value of uniqueness, that’s pretty difficult to achieve with the ready-made kinds. And that’s primarily the reason as to why people basically choose to have a personalized birthday cake topper.

Way to make a statement –

Personalized cake topper is one of the best methods to make a statement, which can strike a chord with the birthday boy/girl. You may get the images of a precious moment or for that matter any aspect of the person’s life which he/she holds tight to the heart and give it the shape of the cake topper.

Reflection of creativity -

Creativity is one of the factors, which is attributed to the thought of having a personalized cake topper. You can let your creative ideas flow with the cake toppers and give it the appearance exactly the way you want it.

Professional contribution –

Now, you know all the reason to select personalized cake topper. So, what are you waiting for? Get set to make your dearest one’s birthday party all the more exciting and memorable by adding a meaningful personalized cake topper.

Birthday Cake Topper – The Delicious Way to Make Your Birthday Special Posted on 31 Jan 01:51 , 0 comments

Cake toppers beautify the cakes and make them the best thing to feast your eyes on.  Cakes undoubtedly are the unannounced symbol of celebration as they are perpetually the part of every happy occasion. One can witness a cake cutting moment in every possible festivity. However, when it comes to birthdays, one can never disassociate the event from the cakes. Birthdays are surely special, thus a birthday cake ought to be a special one as well. This is where, basically the role of cake toppers come into play, as a birthday cake topper can enhance the look of the cake in an amazing way with a fuse of the great taste, you can completely trust the idea to work effortlessly. 

Birthday Cake Topper – The Delicious Way to Make Your Birthday  (1)

Find out what makes cake topper the best addition to cakes?

The Unique Designs - 

Who doesn’t want to have an attractive birthday cake with a delectable taste? No doubt, when the cake marches into a room of guests, it attracts everyone’s eyes as we just have to accept the fact that we all love digging into a delicious cake and wait for the moment of the day and that’s the cake cutting ritual with a childlike excitement.

No wonder, seeing a cake decorated with some incredibly designed birthday cake topper would definitely give a happy feeling.  And in today’s time and age, you could find a myriad of spectacular designs of cake toppers that can take the beauty of the cake several notches higher.

Customization at Its Best -

Birthday is an extremely personal and of course significant affair, which your cake could represent very well, if you choose to go with the personalized birthday cake topper. With the wide-ranging options available in the cake toppers, you may like all of it and would gladly go ahead with a particular kind. However, if you are looking for something that can tap your mood or for that matter can convey a meaningful thought, you can surely trust the plan of customized cake toppers to help you out with it.

An Assured Safety -

When it comes to birthday cake topper, the professional bakers take extra measures to ensure that the toppers compliment the cake in every which way and most importantly safe to eat. Basically cake toppers are made up of palatable, 100% edible flour and inks, thus the notion of unsafe can be put to rest. The ingredients used are of highly reliable quality; therefore one can gorge into the cake having cake toppers without any unnecessary stress.

Subtle Vs Elaborate -

Birthday cake toppers add a lot to the cake and help the cake to have an alluring effect. There are many people who admire the subtle and sophisticated toppers, while there are people who love to get it all detailed and glitzy. Certainly both the aspects can make for the perfect adornment of the cakes and it is all up to the choice of an individual to have it as per his/her own will.

So, take your pick and explore the options of birthday cake toppers. Your birthday cake would definitely shine even more with its amazing contribution of colors and design.

Birthday Cake Topper – Things You Must Know About Them Posted on 24 Jan 01:29 , 0 comments

Birthday Cake toppers are the absolute must to enhance the design of the cake. When the birthday cake lighted with candles parades into a room filled with people, the decoration of the cake is the foremost thing to grab attention. It’s a given that it is the design of the cake which makes it look attractive and eye catching. Guests at a birthday party undoubtedly look forward to a visually arresting cake with a heavenly taste. Thus, to have a birthday cake with unique themes for a stand out vision, you must get on board a professional of well-repute.

Birthday Cake Topper – Things You Must Know About Them

1) A professionally baked cake – Planning a birthday for a kin could consume a lot of time; however the most important part of a birthday party inevitably is the cake. In order to get the best one, a professional has to be relied upon.

No doubt there are many avid bakers who prefer to bake a special cake on their own rather than summoning a professional. Truth be told, no matter how good the baking skills, one may have, they may fail to pull off special and variety themes of birthday cake toppers, which the professionals could easily deliver.

2) The upgraded themes - With time, there is a constant change in cake decoration trends. Gone are the days, when a basic chocolate cake used to be the favorites. With the diversity in flavors, the decoration has also evolved. With the upsurge of theme birthday parties, people like to have birthday cakes aligning well with the theme.

3) Go for personalization - Personalization is one of the most followed practices with birthday cakes. A lot of people like to opt for customization to infuse a personal touch into the occasion and they do it in so many different ways. Professionals are also quite open to the idea and ensure to provide a cake as per the predilections of the clients.

4) Affordable price quotes - One of the best reasons to go for professional birthday cake toppers lies in the fact that they are pretty easy on pocket and can provide a sumptuous birthday cake within your means.

Cakes are the first thing that one invariably associate with birthdays and with a little help from an experienced professional, you could have the incredibly delicious and striking birthday cake toppers to treat your folks at the party.


Why Image Printed Edible Cake Topper is Perfect Addition for Any Occasion Posted on 16 Jan 07:49 , 0 comments

Personalized printed cake designs are super hot right now, and can be added for absolutely any celebration. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or a home coming, printed cake image with its most trending design makes the celebration more perfect. It is the first thing that tempts you and makes you feel awestruck.

Why Image Printed Edible Cake Topper is Perfect Addition for Any Occasion

A personalized printed cake image on the cake top looks unique and beautiful. Kids are mostly fond of printed cake with image and feel delighted to have such well decorated cakes at their parties. Even, elders can add their image or message on cake top to convey their love and affection in a personalized way.

There are so many benefits of image printed cake toppers that one can think of when creating or ordering a personalized cake topper for any type of occasion. Below are some of the best and noteworthy perks that any buyer would truly appreciate:

• Perfect for any Occasion:

A lot of people struggle to find the best cake decoration for birthday, anniversaries or other celebrations. But, if you decide to go with printed cake image, then you will never run out of ideas. A beautiful and unique image printed cake toppers makes a cake stand-out to every occasion. Simply upload your own picture with a message to Edible Prints on Cake and you are all set for the party.

• A large variety of ideas and choices available:

Another most important fact to remember is that printed cake image can range of designs and prints. Cake decorators can choose from varied themes inspired from popular cartoon characters and caricatures or a message as an image. There are uncountable ideas to create excellent cakes. Let others talk about your cake decoration and design.

• Affordable price range:

Most people think that Image printed cake toppers are rare and expensive. But, these cake top designs are affordable and come within budget-friendly prices. Whether or not you have abundant resource to decorate your cake, image printed cake toppers will never burn any holes in your pocket.

If you are looking some unique cake decoration ideas to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones, then get your hands on printed cake image with message as the cake topper. Surely, you will be able to impress special person with your creativity and imagination.

Anime Themed Birthday Cake Topper – The Best Way to Personalize Your Celebration Posted on 9 Jan 05:28 , 0 comments

Gone are the days of generic birthday party ideas. Nowadays, kids love awesomely creative and totally doable party themes for a magical fete for their friends. Their favorite party themes are centered on favorite anime characters because they can wear a costume, use cool anime decoration and plan some tasty favors made from custom edible cupcake toppers. Just adjust the decor, food and games and then have a blast!

Design your own cake
Are you missing out the most important element of your party? Yes, Cake it is! We often go for parties and set our eyes on cake. Besides those rich and sumptuous dessert its decoration and presentation that matters the most. A beautiful and unique cake decoration looks great and especially kids are fond of the goodies with their favorite cartoon characters printed on them. From frozen to Minecraft, Rainbow loom-theme to awesome logo design, themed decorations bring life to the party. Your young member will feel delighted to have such well decorated cake at their parties.

Let us help you design your own anime themed cake for the special day.

Choose your theme: To prepare a custom cake decoration, first you need to select the favorite anime character which your kid loves. There is an array of choices available on internet such as "Frozen" and Ariel and "The Little Mermaid" continues to captivate little girls. Little boys will love minions, Paw Patrol or any super heroes from Star Wars. Get the lip-smacking cake with exquisite printed image designs to suit your kid's age and liking.

Go for personalization: Image printed cake looks amazing with a message as an image. Printing special, thoughtful wishing on the topper conveys your love and affection in a stylish way. There are uncountable ideas to create excellent cakes.

Order Online: After finalizing everything, place your order to a trustworthy company. The one who can accept all types and shapes of custom edible cupcake toppers will fit right into your pocket. You can send orders at Edible Prints on Cake also. We accept all types of custom cake topper creations as per the theme of the birthday party and host’s liking.

Anime themed birthday cakes are very popular right now. Infuse this idea to your themed party decor. Be inspired by the hottest trend and plan a birthday bash your kid will never forget!

How to Make Your Holiday Cupcakes Look More Attractive & Delicious? Posted on 2 Jan 08:26 , 0 comments

Any celebration is incomplete without festive goodies. It's the color and sumptuous flavors of those cupcakes that make the celebration more important and meaningful. An amply spiced and delectable cupcake can be the star of Christmas or New Year’s party or any holiday gathering. And the best thing is, it does not take much effort to bake and decorate a cupcake and serve them as well. 

Cupcake decoration is quite an easy affair these days. When looking for wrappers and decorations for Christmas and New Year’s cupcakes you will definitely find those specifically designed for this joyful season. You can use edible cupcake toppers to complement the cupcakes and tinted to match the party theme. Edible cake toppers are sheet of icing with a picture or message printed with food grade edible inks. These sheets are available in different themes like Jurassic Park to Spider man to any other popular themes. Whether you are seasoned cupcake decorator or a complete rookie, these frosting sheets will make your beautiful treats. 

  • Create themed goodies: Themed cupcake decoration is the perfect recipe for the holiday season. If you want to tweak your favorite cupcake to look really pretty and festive at dinner table, choose any themed icing sheet from Edible Prints on Cake. 
  • Add color to the frosting: Create colorful cupcakes by adding colors to the frosting sheet. If you want to make you cupcake standout, add more colors to it and check out the brilliance. 
  • Add flavors to cupcake frosting: Edible Prints on Cake, the icing aisle for cupcake decorator offers an assortment of flavors to enhance your cupcake frosting flavors. Add a splash of flavors to the topper for much fun. 
  • Add more personalization to it: Many a times you get disappointed with the cake toppings, because it does not have your favorite design. We can make your celebration more unique with custom topper. If you want to show enthusiasm and excitement, you can get personalized cupcake toppers with picture or images, which you would love to see on the toppings. 
  • Print messages on top: Frost each cupcake with messages and themes. To make the cupcake look indifferent and unique, you can add personalized messages with images. This will work out as an ideal cake topper. 

Edible Cupcake Toppers are perfect holiday frosting. You can surprise and delight it in whole new ways. Get this all-star, easy-to-apply cupcake icing sheet that taste the home and look more eye -catchy.

Birthday Cake Toppers – The Best Way to Make Someone's Birthday Special Posted on 23 Dec 02:13 , 0 comments

Any birthday party is incomplete without the perfect cake. In fact, it is the most important thing of interest for the guests and birthday girl/boy these days. The moment it arrives, all the eyes shine with hope and excitement of a fabulous looking cake. The way it looks, the way it has been decorated adds more wings to the celebration. All the decorations and icing needs to be unique and striking and many mothers have always been very creative with the preparation of birthday cakes for their children. And, the best part is, it's not complete until you have chosen the perfect cake topper.

Cake toppers provide the best way to make someone's birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Addition of birthday cake toppers onto the cake adds more pomp and show at the parties; they make a simple cake extraordinary. This icing sheet comes in variety of shapes, sizes, quotes and statues which are beyond your imagination. 

Themed birthday cake toppers: When you think of themed birthday party celebration, usually the first thing that comes to mind is cake icing. A beautiful themed icing from Edible Prints on Cake is designed to add more personality and style to the cake. For example, for teenagers a birthday cake with cartoon characters. Therefore, they like cakes which are simple in designs or cakes with styles such as bikes, cars, teen stars, chocolate bar, baseball, cakes, and so on. In case on elderly birthday celebration, vintage cake toppers with printed message could be the right addition. 

Personalized cake toppers: Birthday cake looks magical and truly exquisite with well designed and thoughtful cake toppers. An icing sheet featuring beautiful, unique details at every corner makes it look more astounding, when you deck it out to the party. You can expand from regular cake icing design to image printed toppers that shows the image of the birthday girl or boy. If you love photography then a camera as a cake topper will be a perfect match for you. Let your favorite quote, design or your statue be a cake topper. 

Message Printed Cake Topper: Birthday cake topper that features the message for the birthday person are quite popular these days. There are many styles and designs available from which you can choose. You can select from the font type, font size and color of the edible ink used on printing the message. 

If you are looking for some great birthday cake topper ideas we got you covered. We have wide range of one-of-kind cake toppers, both themed and personalized one, to decorate the most beautiful cake of your lifetime. Choose from the favorite cartoon character or upload your image to custom print. Bring a million dollar smile on your kiddo face or someone you love with a beautiful well decorated cake in front of them.

4 Benefits of Buying an Edible Personalized Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 19 Dec 01:06 , 0 comments

Decorating simple birthday cakes with special icing sheet and personalized themes are quite popular these days. More and more, cake enthusiasts prefer the ready-made cake toppings to decorate their birthday cake in no time. Cake toppings are really fabulous; they make a simple cake extraordinary, and add more personality and style to it. A personalized birthday cake topper can make the cake look just like you “Fantastic”.


And it's also true – We eat with our eyes! Next to their taste, our favorite baked creations need to be visually appetizing. There's nothing more appealing than freshly layered cartoon themed topping on cupcake, or an image printed icing sheet on your birthday cake. It really finishes off your baked treats and gives them a delicious and decadent twist.


Think that the cake toppers are non-edible! Think that the non-edible cake decoration could cause you serious health problem! This is pretty serious issue in the cake industry, as eating a non-edible cake topper could result in intestinal distress and gut infection. So, it becomes more important to choose an edible cake topper from Edible Prints on Cake to make the perfect for your big day.


Benefits of Edible Cake Icing Sheets:


Edible Ingredients: The personalized birthday cake topper is made from palatable ingredients. 100% edible floor and sugar are used to prepare edible sheets under a healthy environment, assuring you the right taste and maintained quality. It's smooth, creamy and it keeps its' soft texture – making it easy to cut through.


Natural food coloring: Natural food colors are derived and extracted from plant sources. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and additives to display a colorful affair, whilst affecting your gut and health. The inks used for printing message and images are edible and free from any harmful chemicals. It's completely safe, natural and blended with organic ingredients. You kids can too enjoy the delectable flavor and colors.


No Kosher & Allergen Content: Food allergies affect almost 11% of general population. This is due to fact, that most ready-to-use icing sheet contains kosher and allergen content that affects gut health. However, the edible personalized birthday cake toppers are quite different. The printed cake image and messages are made from finest quality; it does not contain any Kosher or allergen contents.


FDA Approved: Though the edible cake toppers are indeed the best, yet 100% safe and delectable. The frosting sheets are FDA approved, showing a self-life of 12 months or more. Gets the lip smacking cake with exquisite printed cake image designs that arrives fresh and secured with a good protective case at your door step.


As a cake decorator, it is important to decorate a cake which everybody can eat. So be careful about the personalized cake topper that you put on birthday cakes, as it can affect your health and held your responsible for legal sues.

Edible Image Ideas for Cakes Toppings Posted on 9 Dec 03:05 , 0 comments

The cake toppings and icings are the real heroes when it comes to cake decorations. Without them, the cake is just like baked bread. The toppings give a finishing look to it. But, many have to make do with the same, custom made toppings from the shop, which neither do justice to the occasions nor reflect their personal taste. That is where edible images for cakes of your choice can make any event exciting and personalised.

Edible Image Ideas for Cakes Toppings

Imagine putting a photo of your child on the cake on their birthday. How delighted they will be. On top of that the images are edible - a beautiful, safe and edible part of the cake. 

Here are some edible image ideas for your cake: 

  1. Your own image

With the latest printing technology, you can have any photo printed as cake toppings. Whether it's a picture of a fond memory or anything that you like, you can create your own personalised cake with it. Children especially love elaborately decorated cakes. What is a better way to make their cake more fun than putting an edible image of their own self? 

  1. Image of your favourite cartoon characters

Once again, children love cartoons and when you put the image of their favourite cartoon character on the cake, they will be really happy about it. There are varieties of options when it comes to edible images of popular cartoon characters. They come in different designs and makes and will add a touch of humour and fun to the cake. 

  1. Edible Image of favourite movie

Everything doesn't have to be cartoony. You can have an edible image of your favourite spiderman movie as a cake topper. Whether it's your birthday or your child's or a friend’s who loves Spiderman movie, a cake with a topper of a favourite movie will personalise it. There are numerous options when it comes movie posters and characters images. You can either choose from the custom list or request your own favourite image. 

Using edible images for cakes is one of the best ways of making an occasion a personalised affair. Now, you don't have to put up with boring and cliche cake toppings anymore.  



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