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Make Your Fathers Birthday Celebration Special with Printed Cake Image Posted on 16 Apr 06:42 , 0 comments

Birthdays are special. We still remember how special our parents used to make us feel about our birthdays. The pomp and show organized by our parents by saving something on the month’s end and all the merrymaking together. Our parents still surprise us in many ways on our birthdays. So now when our parents have turned older, and we are no more kids, why not make their birthdays special. So if it is your father’s birthday and you want to make it a gala event. You simply cannot miss the cake.

A nicely decorated cake of your dad’s favorite theme will make him feel special. Some wall decoration and soothing music along with the cake can make a simple party a festive occasion.

The current trends on cakes which you would like to explore are the printed cake images.

Edible Prints On Cake are now selling cake toppers with dozens of different themes. Pick up one of your father’s choice. Printed cake images are immensely popular due to their ability to add a personalized touch.

Why prefer EPOC for choosing Printed Cake Images?

• Edible: All the toppers sold by EPOC are safe for consumption. The topper uses frosting sheet for printing the image which is free from Kosher and any allergen. The ink used for printing the image is also edible and approved by FDA.

• Treat to Eyes: The toppers are an absolute treat to eyes and look mouth-watering. EPOC has a wide variety of designs of cake toppers. The toppers form the center of attraction and keep everyone’s eyes hooked to it.

• Available in different sizes: The toppers come in different sizes and also could be cut into different shapes fitting into the requirement of the cake type and sizes.

• A wide variety of themes: The toppers manufactured by EPOC come in wide range or variety and suiting different themes. EPOC manufactures cake toppers for birthdays, anniversaries, business inaugurations, etc.

• Economical: The cake toppers sold by EPOC are quite economical as it comes with a shelf-life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof away from direct heat and light.

• Applying the cake topper: The cake topper can be applied to any cake, but one with fondant and freshly frosted ones are the best. Gently peel off the backing of the frosted sheet and lay it gently on the freshly frosted cake.

Tips and tricks:

• Generally, all toppers sold by EPOC come with a shelf life of twelve months if stored properly. But suppose on exposure to air if it turns brittle, brings back to normal by blowing the back side of the frosting sheet with a blow dryer. Leave it for some time and apply it on a freshly frosted cake.

• Never refrigerate the cake upon which you will apply the printed topper and if you have done so, keep it outside at room temperature for some time. Else it will lead to the formation of misty dew drops on the cake topper.


EPOC has a wide variety of printed cake images to suit any celebration. It is high on trend nowadays as an element of cake decoration being simple and easy to apply and handle. Unlike the cakes with heavy icing that are difficult and messy to handle.

Make the Celebration More Happening with Edible Images for Cakes Posted on 12 Apr 01:30 , 0 comments

Cakes are the center of attraction for any celebrations; let it be birthdays, anniversaries, business inauguration or just a small get-together. Whenever any party is hosted the first thing upon which our eyes are set is a cake.

A nicely decorated cake makes any celebration a happening one and keeps everyone’s eyes glued to it.

Many versatilities and varieties are available in cakes. But buyers now prefer edible images for cakes due to many reasons. Unlike traditional cakes, the cakes coming with images are less messy and easy to handle. Again such cakes are not only edible but are available in a wide variety of themes suiting almost every occasion.

We at EPOC have a wide range of edible images for cakes. The cake toppers, we manufacture are edible and are eye candy.

Why buy edible images for cakes from EPOC?

• Edible Images for cakes manufactured by us are not only good to look at but are free from Kosher and any allergen. We use frosting sheets to manufacture our topper and the inks we use for printing the images are also edible and approved by the FDA.

• The frosting sheets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and could be cut into different shapes to fit in the shape of any cake.

• Personalization option is also available with EPOC. When we quote a message for our beloved ones, it makes them feel very special, and the occasional becomes emotional. Suppose if your mom is angry with you, bring a nice topper she likes and quote an apologizing message on it. Trust us it will melt her heart.

• Almost all age group have an inclination towards printed cake toppers. Kids are very fond of the printed toppers and excited to find such decorated cakes on birthdays. Gift your little champ a cake with a printed topper of his favorite cartoon and see the delight on his face. Similarly if it's your marriage anniversary, gift a cake with the print of your spouse’s favorite theme and see the love in her eyes for you again.

• The edible cake images are easy to apply to the cake. All you need is a printed cake topper and a freshly frosted cake. The frosting sheet comes with a backing, and all you need to do is peel off the backing sheet and apply on a freshly frosted cake.

• The edible cake images are very economical coming with a shelf life of twelve months. But the condition applies it should be stored in a tamper-proof bag away from heat and direct light.

• At EPOC we welcome you to design your cake topper based on your theme.


We have plenty of cakes toppers suiting almost all the themes at EPOC. Pick up any cake topper suiting your theme and take the celebration to the next level. When you have such attractive cakes with printed images on it, even a minor decoration works as the whole focus goes on the cake.

Celebrate Your Kid’s Sports Day Victory with Mine Craft Cupcake Toppers Posted on 05 Apr 00:49 , 0 comments

Sports days are full of fun, exhaustion and sometimes emotional. No matter whether one win’s or loose but the sportsman spirit should always triumph. But kids take the win or lose moment quite seriously. At one end you will find a team bursting with happiness, and on the other end, you will find kids sobbing in their parent's lap. But after all, kids behave as per their age.

So, if your kid has won in the school sports competition and is demanding a small party, you must not step back. It is the ideal way to encourage your child and his team. Never forget to call your kids opponent team in the party as well since it will promote fraternity among kids.

The best way to host a small yet happening party is by ordering mine craft cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake. The cupcakes with some pop music will make the kids forget the bitterness and enjoy merrymaking together.

What is mine craft?

Mine craft is a sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and released by Mojang in 2011.

Why buy mine craft cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake?

Safe for consumption: Almost all of the cakes and cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC are safe for consumption. It is free from Kosher and allergen and both the ink and the frosting paper used for making the prints are approved by the FDA.

Eye Candy: The cupcake toppers look lustrous and are an absolute treat for eyes. The mine craft characters printed on the topper glitters as the light falls on it and keeps everyone hooked to it.

Personalization: The best part of EPOC is the personalization factor it offers. It is quite obvious that everyone likes to read the little personalized message on the cake toppers or cupcake toppers dedicated to them by the beloved ones. All you have to do is visit our site online and add the little personalized message on it.

Easy to apply: The cupcake toppers are quite easy to apply. All you need is freshly frosted cupcakes. You have to peel off the backing sheet from the topper and place it gently on the cupcake. The frosting sheet will get absorbed in the cake while the prints will remain intact.

Long life: The cake or cupcake toppers come with a long shelf life of 12 months if stored in a tampered proof bag away from direct light and heat.

Suitable for all themes: EPOC designs cupcake toppers for all themes. The mine craft cupcake topper itself has numerous varieties of prints.


No matter whichever occasions it is EPOC has cakes and cupcake toppers suiting to all themes and occasion. Whether it is marriages, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation days or business inaugurations we are all ready to delight you. Moreover, the printed images on cakes topple the traditional icing on the cake as the second are messier and troublesome.

Celebrate Your Students Farewell Party with Paw Patrol Cake Topper Posted on 29 Mar 05:02 , 0 comments

Teenagers are always in a mood of celebration, but when it comes to farewell, everyone is emotional with all the nostalgic memories of school days. Memories of bunking of classes together to watch events and movies, punishments from school teachers and outing or picnic parties organized from schools. Departing from the fellow mates is painful thinking about the little crushes the pass outs have on their classmates or juniors.

Further, the hangouts with friends together or the sports day performance upholds many memories to be cherished for the entire life. As we all know the farewell days of our children or students are painful and filled with melancholy. Why not make it a gala and fun-filled event?

One of the ideal ways of throwing a farewell party for your students is by ordering a paw patrol cake topper. The freshly frosted cake decorated with paw patrol cake topper looks awesome. Moreover, it brings up the memories of the school days when all used to gather and watch the animated cartoon series together. The cake accompanied by minor decoration and collage of students as return gifts makes the farewell occasion a memorable one.

EPOC manufactures many cake toppers, but the paw patrol cake topper is simply unbeatable. The cake topper looks super cute with the prints of cute little rescue puppies on it. The topper is vibrant and serves real eye candy and keeps everyone glued to it.

Benefits of buying cake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake

Safe for Consumption: All the cake toppers that EPOC provides are free from Kosher and allergen. Both the frosting sheet and ink used for printing are edible, and even toddlers can consume it.

Easy to apply: The topper is easy to apply; all you have to do is remove the backing from the topper and apply it gently on a freshly frosted cake. The printed images will remain on the topper while the frosting sheet will get absorbed in the cake. But a condition applies here do not refrigerate the cake else misty droplets will be formed over the prints.

Personalization: The best part of the cake which touches our heart is the personalized message that we quote on the cake. Now no worries since EPOC give you an option to quote a personalized message on its toppers. All you have to do it go online and quote the message on our site and you will get the topper delivered with your ideal message. Unlike other toppers, it is not messy and easy to handle.

Topper available in varying shape: We offer cake toppers both in the round and rectangular shapes suiting your requirement.


Cake toppers from EPOC are one of the best ways to make any celebration a special one. No matter whether it is a birthday, farewell, business inauguration or anniversary we at EPOC have cake toppers to suit any theme or event. All our cake toppers are eye catchy and keep people of all group hooked to it.

Bring Home Call of Duty Cupcake Toppers on Your Kids Graduation Day Posted on 20 Mar 02:21 , 0 comments

Kids are very fond of celebrations whether it is birthdays or just any other day, the demands are unlimited. One such occasion when kids are on a very high spirit is their graduation or class promotion day. So why not treat your little champs when they excelled so well. It is an ideal way to keep the kid’s motivated year along.

So if you are planning to surprise your kids on the graduation day, cupcake toppers with the call of duty theme are the best. The reason being kids are quite fond of video games.

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise that has evolved and has many versions of it. Many merchandise items are now being sold under the franchise like comic books, apparels, and toys. Some cake topper designers have started using the theme as prints on the cake.

Edible Prints on Cake sells many printed toppers for cakes and cupcakes and one such being the call of duty cupcake toppers.

The topper looks thrilling with the printed images of soldiers in action on it, all set to excite the little munchkins and even the adults.

The cupcake topper is printed on a frosting sheet and the ink used for printing is edible and free from Kosher and any allergen.

Why buy call of duty cupcake toppers from Edible Prints on Cake?

The element of personalization: EPOC allows you to personalize your cake and add an element of love and fun to your cake toppers. You need to visit the website and click on the topper and quote the message you want to get printed on cupcakes. It removes a lot of hassles and messy work like icing the cake with the cream.

Easy to apply: EPOC toppers are easy to apply on the cupcakes and cakes since the topper is printed on a frosting sheet. All you have to do is remove the back portion of the sheet and lay it gently on the freshly frosted cupcake.

Ideal for any occasion: Toppers designed by EPOC are ideal for any occasion be it weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, business inauguration days, etc.

Cute to see and easy to handle: Cupcake toppers not only make the cupcake appealing but also makes it easy for the munchkins to handle and eat with ease, unlike the cakes. Kids are often seen being messy with larger cakes.

Safe for consumption:  Cupcake toppers and cake toppers designed by EPOC are safe for consumption. The ink as well as the frosting sheets used is edible and free from allergen like Kosher and is also approved by the FDA.

Long lifetime:  The cupcake toppers manufactured by EPOC come with a shelf life of 12 months if stored in a tamper-proof bag and kept away from light.


No matter whatever occasion you are looking for, EPOC has some of the finest printed cakes topper and cupcakes toppers fitting your theme and occasion. The toppers look lustrous and mouthwatering. You even do not have to worry about the décor as the toppers are the real eye candy and could keep the eyes of guests hooked to it.

Why Shopkins Birthday Cake Topper Is An Ideal Choice For Your Little Champs Birthday? Posted on 14 Mar 02:26 , 0 comments

Birthday celebrations are special for almost all age groups. But when it is your kid’s birthday, the excitement is at the peak level. Kid’s birthdays are full of pomp and show with busting of balloons, delicious food, and decorations. But what tops the priority list is an ideal birthday cake.

So if it is your little champ’s birthday, gift him a cake with a Shopkins birthday cake topper. Your little boy will jump out of joy on seeing the glimpse of the nicely decorated cake with the topper on it. Shopkins cake toppers are very vibrant and full of lovely colors. The cake with the topper will all set the charm of the special event, and even minor decorations can be compromised with.

Further Shopkins is a popular toy and merchandise brand and no doubt your little one and his friends would be having a toy from that brand. It will take the excitement to the further level when each munchkin shares the stories of the toys.

The cake topper looks radiant and vibrant and has a lustrous look. It serves as a real eye-candy. Not only the kiddos but almost everyone would be gleaming and love to take a bite of the cake.

Edible prints on the cake have years of experience in manufacturing edible cake toppers. One can find a variety of toppers keeping your eyes hooked. But what leaves a lasting impression is the Shopkin’s birthday cake topper.

Best facets of Shopkins birthday cake topper?

• Leaves a lasting impression: The shopkins birthday cake topper makes any occasion and especially birthdays a gala event. It is filled with velvety shimmering and vibrant colors and tots that reflect on lighting. The cakes with Shopkins topper serves as an ideal delicacy and looks appetizing.

• Safe and edible to consume: The shopkins cake topper is absolutely edible and safe to consume. The topper is made with edible ink and crafted on a frosting sheet which is free from Kosher and allergen. The topper is further certified safe by the FDA. So you can remain to rest assured against any allergic reaction on your body.

• Easy to apply on cakes: The Shopkin cake topper and almost all cake toppers from EPOC are easy to apply. Since it is crafted on a frosting sheet, all you need to do is peel off the sheet at the baking and lay it gently on a freshly frosted cake. But the cake should not be refrigerated else misty dews will form upon it.

• Amazing taste: The topper looks not only great but also tastes delectable. The flavors and aroma of the cake along with the topper simply melt in the mouth and tickles everyone’s taste buds at the party.

• Personalization: We all know how emotional the moment becomes when you quote some warm messages on your gifts. EPOC provides you with the opportunity to express your hearty wishes for your kid quoted on the cake. All you need to do is visit our site online and mention whatever you want as a quote.


Surprise your lovable little champ on his birthday. Do not forget to order the Shopkins birthday cake topper to decorate on your baked or frosted cake. Your naughty little darling would love the theme and praise you with tons of kisses.

Celebrate Your Graduation Day with Custom Edible Cupcake Toppers from (EPOC) Posted on 07 Mar 02:08 , 0 comments


Surprise Your Spouse with Personalized Birthday Cake Topper Posted on 26 Feb 06:45 , 0 comments

Cake makes every occasion delightful, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or a bachelor’s party or even a business inauguration.  Every occasion has its value and among all birthdays holds a real charm in celebration. We know how much-excited anyone might be to surprise their beloved ones in their birthdays and a themed cake makes the celebration a never-ending memory.

Gift your lady love a personalized birthday cake topper on her birthday and see the twinkle in her eyes and the never-ending smile on her face. Let the love in her for you speak through her eyes. Such a sweet gesture of her for you will touch your heart. The event will be a gala event with all the guests applauding at the celebration. There is no need of much pomp and show as the cake with the amazing topper of your spouse’s choice will catch everyone’s attention and keep everyone’s eyes glued to it. The flavors are amazing and melt in the mouth.

Edible prints on the cake have many such personalized birthday cake topper to choose from that will take the celebration to the very next level. No matter what occasion it is there are plenty of options to choose from.

The cake toppers we sell are printed on the frosting sheet and are free from any allergen and kosher. The cake topper is made out of edible ink and is approved by the FDA.

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Why choose personalized birthday cake topper from edible prints on the cake:

  • Adds a personalized touch to the cake:The cake topper from edible prints on the cake comes with an option of placing a personalized message on the topper. You can choose the cake topper that matches your occasion by going online and add the customized message on top. When you receive the topper, you will find the message coated on top hence no more worrying about the messy icing on the cake.
  • Safe for consumption: The cake topper is safe for consumption and approved by FDA
  • Easy to apply: The cake topper is printed on a frosting sheet, and all you have to do is bring a freshly frosted cake but not a refrigerated one. Then apply the frosting sheet by peeling off the backing paper from the topper.
  • Rich, lustrous look: The rich, lustrous look of the cake will make anyone fall in love with the cake. The topper manufactured by edible prints on the cake has a rich, velvety feel and colors are eye catchy. No doubt the toppers are real eye candy.


Birthdays come once in a year and to make it a grand affair do not forget to add the element of personalized touch to it by ordering cake toppers from edible prints on the cake. Your lady luck will love the surprise, and the bond between you will grow stronger with every such special occasion. Generally, ladies are fond of their favorite movie characters and fairy tales.

What Makes Minecraft Cupcake Toppers An Ideal Choice For Your Kiddos Birthday? Posted on 19 Feb 05:10 , 0 comments

Birthdays are always special no matter what age group you belong to, but when it is a birthday of your little ones, then the birthday fever is high on air. The demands are also high but what would be better than gifting cupcakes on your kid’s birthday.  Kids do not handle cakes delicately as the adults do; hence it is preferable to bring a bunch of cupcakes for making the occasion a fulfilled gala event.

But many a time’s kids are bored of simple cupcakes hence to make the cupcake delicious it is ideal to add a printed topper on it. One such special cupcake topper manufactured by Edible Prints on Cake is Minecraft cupcake toppers.

Edible Prints on Cake is a top provider of tailored printed edible cake toppers for almost all occasions. Edible cake toppers are an ideal way of decorating the cake and giving it a more personalized touch with the option of providing a custom message on top. The toppers come with different characters printed on it with varying colors, prints and patterns.

Minecraft Cupcake Toppers An Ideal Choice For Your Kiddos Birthday

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 2011 sandbox video game created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. Now a day’s Minecraft deals in a lot of merchandise such as apparels, toys and now many companies are manufacturing cake and cupcake toppers based on the theme of Minecraft.

Minecraft cupcake and its everlasting impression:

  • Cute and lustrous to look: Cupcakes with Minecraft characters on it look vibrant and are super cute. They look very appetizing and keep the kids amused throughout the celebration.
  • Tastes Delectable: The flavour of the topper is awesome and tickles everyone’s taste buds. The texture and the various flavors used to make the Minecraft print tastes very appetizing. The flavors completely blend in the mouth, and one cannot simply avoid munching the cupcakes.
  • Makes the celebration a gala event: When the Minecraft themed cupcakes are introduced at the birthday event of your child then it will make the occasion a memorable one. As we all know kids are very fond of video games and toys and Minecraft deals in both of them, no wonder you can hear the kids sharing their stories and fulfilled memories.
  • Safe for consumption: The cupcake toppers are absolutely edible and safe for consumption. They are free from Kosher and allergens. Further, the ink and the material used in manufacturing the product are approved by the FDA.
  • Easy to use: The cake topper is absolutely easy to use. One only needs to peel off the backing and place it gently on a frosted cake. The moisture on the cake will absorb the print, and the cupcakes are perfectly ready to set a benchmark for your party. They further come with a shelf-life of 12 months if stored in a tampered proof bag.


Minecraft characters based cupcake topper forms a perfect treat at any occasions. Further personalising it with a message makes it a memorable moment for your near and dear ones. You would not be surprised to know that the guests will appreciate your concept and you will get many praises.

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday by Bringing Paw Patrol Cupcakes Topper Posted on 14 Feb 00:17 , 0 comments

Cakes hit the top priority list of any celebration or occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, business inaugurations or Valentine’s Day celebration with your beau all seem to fade away without a perfect cake to suit the theme. Cakes generally form the major attraction at any event.

One such special occasion when the cake cannot be missed at all is your kiddo’s birthday. Else you will not only have to bear the tantrum but also would miss the opportunity to make your darling’s birthday a memorable moment.

Edible Prints on the cake are providing with a printed cake topper that would match any theme or occasion. It has a large collection of birthday-themed printed cake topper ranging from cute cartoons to fancy characters.

One such beautifully printed topper that is popular amongst the kids is the paw patrol cupcake toppers.

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday by Bringing Paw Patrol Cupcakes Topper

What is Paw patrol?

Paw patrol is a Canadian CGI-animated television series based on puppies who will be involved in some rescue based operation or heroic missions. Most of the characters in the animated series are sold as merchandise, and some companies are selling edible printed images of these characters which can be used as cake toppers.

Kids and even teenagers are fond of this animated series. The characters especially the adventurous cute puppies look simply adorable and super cute and hence very popular among children.

Why should one order paw patrol cupcakes from edible prints on the cake?

  • It is ideal to bring home a paw patrol themed cupcake topper from Edible Prints On Cake since most of us are dog lovers and further the kids are very fond of these characters. The topper looks irresistible and serves as eye candy for the event. When you decorate frosted cupcakes with this topper and put it on a table placed at the centre of the room, it will enhance the theme of the birthday moment.
  • The paw patrol topper and every printed topper manufactured by edible prints on the cake are free from Kosher and any other allergen and are approved by the FDA.
  • The images are printed using edible ink on a frosting sheet rather than a rice paper. The edible ink is also approved by the FDA.
  • It is quite easy to place the topper on the cake. All you need is a freshly frosted cake, and you have to peel off the back portion of the printed sheet and lay it properly on the cake. The moisture will absorb the printed image, and your cake will look stunning. Instructions regarding how to place the printed image on the frosted cake are available with every single order
  • The frosting sheet comes with a shelf life of 12 months, but the condition lies that it is stored in a sealed bag at room temperature avoiding direct light.
  • The paw patrol cupcake topper and every topper (EPOC) offer come with an option of personalization. You have to email us the custom message you want to get printed on the topper.


Paw patrol cupcake topper from Edible Prints on Cake will make any occasion especially the birthday of your child a memorable event. When you have these cupcakes, you even do not need to focus more on decorating the room as the cupcakes will be a major attraction. One will not be surprised to see the twinkle in the eyes of the little devils gazing at the cupcakes and how much eager the little ones are to munch the cupcakes.



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