Custom Edible Images for Cakes Vs Traditional Cake Decor – Find The Difference! Posted on 07 Sep 00:55 , 0 comments

Do you absolutely relish cakes and want to try out something as unique and special as possible during an upcoming celebratory occasion? Well, if that’s what you are looking for, you certainly cannot resist the idea of custom edible images for cakes. There are many amazing cake decor available but it wouldn’t be exciting enough to have a cake design that is practically ubiquitous. Thus, the best to do is to opt for a personalized design that can mark its presence exceptionally.

At Edible Prints On Cake, you will come across a brilliant range of cake designs including the custom edible images for cakes. So, take your pick and enliven your celebratory fervor. 

Custom edible images for cakes

Custom edible images for cakes come with an artistic appeal and impression, thus making it a departure from the regular kinds that you see in every other bash.  

When it comes to having personalized cake decor, there is no limitation and it can be brought in for all sorts of happy occasions you can think of.  

Find out the difference between custom edible images and traditional cakes right here:

#1: A contemporary touch

The custom edible images for cakes come with a certain contemporary and modern touch which the traditional cake designs miss out on. Gone are the days when people used to be content with a simple conventional cake decor. But, here is a time, when people show interest in adding their personal touch to their cake designs and give it some relevance. And that is what largely highlights the distinction between custom edible images and traditional cake designs.

#2: Send out a loud message

One of the best features of custom edible toppers for cake and cupcake are they exude the message clearly about your feelings, emotions pertaining to the occasion. However, conveying that underlying message will not be a possibility for a traditional cake decor. Hence is the big difference between the two cake designs.

#3: A standout impression

With custom edible images, uniqueness is written all over it, whereas the same cannot be said about the traditional cake designs. Personalization offers a scope of creativity and imagination which is certainly not the case with a simple and basic cake decor. So, here it is; another major difference.

#4: Fun and amusing cake decor

When it comes to the custom cake decor, it is all about fun and amusement and that basically is the reason why it is so majorly popular. But, the aura of amusement cannot be found in a basic cake decor, hence it the one of the biggest citation of difference between custom cake design and tradition cake design.

#5: The demonstration of brilliant cake decorating ideas

A great point of divergence between custom edible images for cakes and traditional cake decor are the former can be played out in many varied decorating ideas while the latter comes with a certain restriction.

So, there you have it! The entire tale of difference between custom edible images for cakes and traditional cakes are here. For more details, visit: